Portfolio Tag: Recycled Materials


Beep with me. Tuumori is an instrument of connectivity that constantly emits sounds and beeps. In the performance textile sculpture wanders among the crowd offering an opportunity connect by slipping on a extrusion of the sculpture. Perhaps Tuumori is the next stage of evolution – a pink, soft and warm organ onto which social media […]

Terra Tuntematon

Terra Tuntematon (Terra Incognita) – an unexplored clay island (2019) Conceptualised and realised by Harri Piispanen and Erja Mehto

Hat Walking

  HatWalk: (2017) 16:9, stereo
, 2:57min live performance (2018) approx 2h performed at the Muu Kaapeli gallery


  Bodycount is essentially a giant costume made from bodies of second hand cuddly toys. The toys form a seemingly soft and appealing outer shell. In reality the suit is hot, rigid and weighs 45 kilos making it extremely unbearable to wear. When it is worn it has only one head: the one responsible for […]