Portfolio Tag: Recycled Materials

Terra Tuntematon

Terra Tuntematon (Terra Incognita) – an unexplored clay island (2019) Conceptualised and realised by Harri Piispanen and Erja Mehto

Hat Walking

Tuumori (2019) wearable object recycled materials, loudspeakers dimensions: w. 60cm, l.50cm, h.70cm live performance (2019) approx 20min HatWalk: (2017) 16:9, stereo
, 2:57min live performance (2018) approx 2h performed at the Muu Kaapeli gallery


photos: Mika Vehkala, Aleksi Jaakkola, Sami Mutka, Andy Best video: Aleksi Jaakkola Perfromed (2014, 2016, 2018, 2019) various locations: Provinssi festival, Vantaa Art Museum Artsi, Entresse shopping center, Cable Factory, Objekti exhibition, Lume centre Bodycount is essentially a giant costume made from bodies of second hand cuddly toys. The toys form a seemingly soft and appealing […]