Hat Walking

exhibition, performance, video

What happens when we are home alone and think that no one is watching?
For one, we tend to pose in front of the mirror.

HatWalk is a body of work that started in 2017. It consists of various pieces of wearable art. All of have and are meant to be used. Some of the performances done with them are public and happen in a traditional gallery setting – but most are interventions that occur in the midst of  everyday life.



Tuumori is a wearable textile sculpture made from used cuddly toys. It is like a soft organ, formed from pink, soft and fleshy lumps – an appendage of social media that has grown on to us. It beeps franticly with notification sounds from Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc. and occasionally reads random comments from Facebook. While wearing it it’s next to impossible to focus on anything else.

Tuumori plays with the idea of the next possible evolutionary step: Since we have embraced increasingly pervasive computer-mediated communication, does it eventually start to grow on us permanently? Do we adapt to better cope with the growing need of being available, present and presentable? Does the brain alter itself in order to better withstand a barrage of notification beeps, clicks and tweets?

Tuumori (2019) wearable object
recycled materials, loudspeakers
dimensions: w. 60cm, l.50cm, h.70cm

live performance (2019) approx 20min



“I tend to make hats. Big, cumbersome, outrageous hats. Head in particular is a fascinating element – a tool of decision making, a mess of emotion and possibly the most dangerous weapon in existence.”

The self-titled videoperformance is based on the first wave of sculptural hats.

HatWalk: (2017) HD-video, 16:9, stereo
, 2:57min
live performance (2018) approx 2h
performed at the Muu Kaapeli gallery


LegHorny (2016) wearable object
recycled materials, resin, artificial fur.
Dimensions: w. 43 cm, l. 50 cm, h. 71 cm

FlipSideDestroyer (2017) wearable object
recycled materials, modeling supplies.
Dimensions: w. 67cm, h. 32 cm, l. 70 cm

FortDaydream (2016) wearable object
recycled materials, toys, tulle.
Dimensions: h. 60 cm, d. 60 cm