Terra Tuntematon

art education, collaboration, exhibition

Terra Tuntematon (Terra Incognita) – an unexplored clay island

Terra Tuntematon is a communal art project. It was built in the southern side’s glass gallery at the Annantalo culture center in the spring 2019.

The work depicts a fictional, unexplored and uninhabited island. The island is going through a period of early spring in an unknown year. The shapes and colours of the island’s terrain, as well as its residents, are decided on by the makers of the work, children and young people. Little by little, the island will reveal its secrets.

Has restless Odysseus, the shipwrecked Robinson Crusoe, or the stray Gulliver ended up on this island? At the very beginning of the project, land areas are divided into plots that subsequently were conquered by evening and day art groups of Annantalo. Some plots are also constructed in the Making Art Stuff workshops and Sunday Date –events. In addition to the territories each group were given clay, seeds and best of all: freedom to decide how to develop the plot – who lives there, is it a country, what is going to be built there, etc.

The island was open as an exhibition during the whole process inviting audience to watch the work being built and admire the finished verdant island.

Terra Tuntematon was conceptualised and realised by Harri Piispanen and Erja Mehto, the Head Art Teacher of Annantalo. The clay used in the construction was recycled at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture.