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Thus “R” Toys

“For each and everything in existence, someone has made a pony equivalent”

Our choices accumulate as an visual exterior. Most of these can be considered purely as consumer choices since we rarely manufacture anything ourselves. We often end up choosing unhealthy, unsustainable and unethical options. These “un-choices” might be the only ones available or the only ones we can afford. This feeds the cycle of injustice in the form of unfair compensation, unhealthy production conditions and in the poor quality of products resulting in the need of a replacement feeding the same cycle once more. It could be claimed that informed decisions at the store counter are difficult to make. But since we live in the age of super-fast communication ignorance is an active choice.

The various toy projects focus on consumption, the arguments of making a sale. Most are assemblages made from the recycled and found materials, some are with sculpted parts. They are pastiches from a world where cartoons are toy commercials, waging war is sexy and news are entertainment. Gotta catch ‘em all.

ToxicallyMasculine Avengers (2020)
toy parts, sculpter resin, painted
height approx. 4cm

toy parts, sculpted resin, painted
height approx. 10cm

Wrestlerz (2019-2020)
modified toys
height approx. 5cm

One Size Fits All (XS)
blown glass, cut, glued, metal screws
variation on “One Size Fits All” on a toy scale

My Little Panzer (2018)
toy photography, digital collage

ShutterF*ck – Me Little Pony (2016)
printable papercraft model
digital collage


mixed-media: plastic miniatures, acrylic paint, gold leaf