It’s a Job


It’s a Job is a performance where Harri Piispanen spends a working day inside a self-made coffin. During the performance people are invited to spend time next to the coffin and talk with the artist if they want to.

A Finnish working day is often from 8 hours excluding a 30 minute lunch brake. It’s a Job has been performed with several variations, including an entire working week of 40 hours, a morning shift, a day shift and for the duration of gallery opening hours.

It’s a Job is literally a job. It is an attempt to learn Ars Moriendi, “the Art of Dying”.In Finland everything even remotely related to funerals is left in the hands of professionals, hospitals, funeral homes, etc.

Would we be able to live a more fulfilling life if we could be more at ease with our mortality instead of distancing ourselves from it? I assume we would.

It’s a Job is obviously an overly exaggerated example of this, but at the same time a practical step: the coffin i hand crafted out of pine is made to match regulations concerning burials and it is to be used in my funeral when the time comes.

It’s a Job (2014, 2016, 2017, 2019)
Live performance
duration varies (8-40h)

Performed at Kamppi shopping center, Turku main library, Kehä festival, Lume center

Photos: Heidi Risto, Aleksi Jaakkola, Harri Piispanen