Two men wearing black suits and ties are hiking in the middle of Finland’s best-known national landscape. They are Harri Piispanen and Aleksi Jaakkola, Kansallisromantikot – the National Romantics. The two artists carry out according to their own definition performative explorations. It is a method based on hiking in the landscape, seamlessly combining performance with artistic research.

Now they have been to Koli. As a part of the performative exploration the music video Mii Mii was made based on a pure word association. In the video the National Romantics dance – or, at least attempt to dance – to the music with the prestigious landscape as a backdrop.

Mii Mii: HD-video, 16:9, stereo, 16:48min (2017)

Tuu Tuu: HD-video, 16:9, stereo, 3:33min (2017)

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