Environmental/Community Art

Maasta (From the Ground)



Maasta is an experimental artwork in Koli collaborated by Harri Piispanen and Tristan Hamel. The work, situated in the slash and burn area, consists of four clay sculptures in the form of tree trunks, each of which is built on a tree stump.

The key idea is that the sculptures are fired in the process of slash and burn of the area. If the conditions are appropriate, the outcome might be ceramic sculptures alongside traditional slash and burn process – otherwise, the clay will slowly turn back into the ground where it was originally taken.

Metsähallitus, the Finnish Ministry of Forests, executed the slash and burn on August 26th in Koli giving the piece its final form.


year: 2015
media: experimental installation, hand-built red clay
size: varies – highest point approx. 2m






Sarcophagus – also referred to as anti-sauna – was built on lake Røssvatnet as a part of Nomadic City workshop.

Sarcophagus was a ice structure made of water below and snow on top the ice. It was built as a nomadic vessel, a space with capabilities to cross several borders.

“First movement is made across the horizontal, the border formed by the surface of the lake. Second movement crosses a border of personal comfort, building a tomb and now inhabiting it. Inside the space starts the third movement towards the shamanistic, the borders of sacred and profane, dream and wake, life and death. Within the vessel it might be possible to travel into the nether – and hopefully back. The fourth movement takes back what was borrowed from the lake, at the latest when spring comes.”

Built together with Ronny Korn.

year: 2012
media: ice
size: 1m x 3m x 1,5m







Rättisulkeiset (“the Rag Drill”) is a street art project of the University of the Third Age group in Lohja. In the project a group of elderly people from Lohja designed and made several  “knitted graffitis”. The placing of the graffitis was carried out as an intervention hanging each work in a public place chosen by the participant.

Rättisulkeiset was realized in co-operation with the City of Lohja Culture Service and the Service for the Elderly and was directed by Harri Piispanen and Pia Riihioja


year: 2011
media: recycled fabrics; felting and various other techniques

photo: Nina Räsänen


Muistojen kylä

Muistojen kylä



Muistojen kylä (“the Village of Memories”) is a communal sculpture located in the inner yard of the Retirement Center in Lohja. Designed together with the residents it contains 13 hand written stories copied onto sheets of glass.

The project was supported by Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY-keskus), City of Lohja and Luksia College of Arts and Crafts.


year: 2011
lighting design: Jari Jalonen
realization of metal parts: Aulis Hyry, Janna Haapiainen, Tero Mustonen, Outi Reitman, Mikael Tanskanen
media/materials: laser cut metal; carved and painted glass, metal leaf; lights