Harri Piispanen (b.1981) is a Helsinki based visual and performance artist. Graduated from Aalto University’s Environmental Art master program in 2014, his earlier studies consist of material based art, namely glass and ceramics.

Currently working with a wide range of materials Piispanen revolves his practice around the creation of objects and their use within performances. Each performance is made either as an intervention, live, for video – or all of the previous.

The focus is on the most personal of spaces: the human body. More specifically, the body of the artist with all its imperfections. Many of the works take on the form of garment: hat, mask, shirt, dress etc. Each apparel made is a wrapping, an outlandish cocoon of colour and impracticality. It covers the body – or parts of it – often impairing the wearer in one way or the other.

A specific topic in the spotlight at the moment is mortality and everything it implies – be it funeral customs or music. It takes on various shapes ranging from modified toys to fully usable coffins.

Piispanen does also commission works and design projects. The most recent one is a coffin model for Honkasen Ruumisarkkuliike based on his MA thesis work. In addition to his own practice Piispanen is a member of Lähiönäyttämö communal theatre.