Working Space


“Amidst everyday life I tend to stumble upon oddities I don’t fully understand nor can fully accept, our culture of consumption being the latest example. I also realize being one of the cogs within this system, but by playing with it and asking others to join in is a way to ask questions, make structures visible and even initiate change.

I compare my way of making art with creating and playing games. From observations I construct concepts, sets of rules in a written form, that act as the basis for each work. Most of them can be recreated and repeated. I usually situate the works in public spaces. This means that I most likely don’t have absolute – or any – control over them.

Objects – the necessary pawns and a board – and the process of making them are often an integral part of each work. Still, they are more of an excuse for creating situations, unique moments where people meet and interact with the work and each other. Experiencing and affecting those moments is what I find most appealing. Between the lines of a dry, written concept the seemingly random and trivial and yet wonderful unpredictability that is life is allowed to happen.”